176Despite what you’ve probably heard, Windows 8 is a good operating system. It also uses the same interface on smartphones as on tablets, as on full sized desktops. That’s never been available before. And it works just as well with a touch screen as with a mouse and keyboard.

Businesses have been slow to adopt it for two main reasons:

  • It’s new and different which means people have to change a bit, and people don’t like to change.
  • The old staple, Windows 7 has been a good operating system, is stable, and is still available.

Most PC’s sold today come with Windows 8.  Due to public demand, most of them allow you to downgrade to Windows 7 and they even pre-install it for you. The time is coming when that won’t be the case.

Please don’t bury your head in the sand and avoid the inevitable – better to start planning now – even if you don’t start changing until later this year.

We’ve developed a Windows 8 hands-on workshop at Root-InfoTech to quickly get you familiar with it. Send one of your people to learn it and they can show everyone else in your office when the time comes. There are 2 workshops scheduled this month. The dates will be posted soon. Click here to get an agenda.