win10The imminent release of Windows 10 is expected within the next couple of months, and Microsoft has decided to offer 7 different versions of it!

Here’s a quick explanation of each one so that you can start thinking about your own needs. Don’t forget that many of the upgrades will be at no charge – kind of Microsoft’s way of saying sorry for Windows 8.

Windows 10 Home
This is the version most consumers will want for their PC. Meant for the everyday consumer, Windows 10 Home brings all of the essential features expected of the OS to laptops, desktops, and 2-in-1 computers, ideal for at-home personal use.

Windows 10 Mobile
This is the version of choice for Windows Mobile phones and tablets.

Windows 10 Pro
PC enthusiasts and small businesses will want this edition

Windows 10 Enterprise
Established businesses and other large organizations should go for this; consumers can’t easily purchase it. This version of the operating system will be only distributed through the Volume Licensing program, meaning Windows 10 Enterprise will be intended for purchase in bulk.

Windows 10 Education
This version will be similar to Enterprise, but is the edition of choice for schools and universities.

Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise
This is for organizations that want to roll out a standardized device policy for employee phones and tablets. Similar to Windows 10 Enterprise on the desktop, but this version is for mobile devices.

Windows 10 IoT Core
This is the most unusual, and interesting version of the new operating system. It’s a consumer-focused operating system that will run customizable versions of Windows 10 on household appliances like smart thermostats, factory machinery, and even toasters.

You may recall that there will never be a Windows 9, because Microsoft wants to distance itself from the lackluster success of Windows 8. Windows 10 should be a big improvement and something you will want to move into. New software as well as upgrades to what you are using now, will be taking advantage of new features only available in Windows 10. Plus in the next few years Windows 7 will be abandoned and no longer supported.