Living Social.

Logo_livingsocial1Groupon and Living Social are two “deal” sites that have been around for awhile. Both have lost their luster – you can Google reviews of them and find lots of dissatisfied customers.

I was working out with my trainer and friend Pat Wilson this morning and he mentioned using Living Social, which prompted me to take another look at it. What I found is that there are still lots of really good deals, but there are still lots of dissatisfied customers.

The reason I’m bringing this up is that there’s a whole other way to use Living Social that I highly recommend. Use it to find fun, interesting and different things to do around town. It’s a terrific idea generator when you and your spouse or family want to spend the day together and aren’t sure what to do. There’s something for everyone. Just don’t get sucked into the discounted deals unless you really do your homework first. Go to to get started and click on the Events & Activities menu option at the top. Make sure you enter your zip code location city in the left margin so you only see local events. Enjoy!