124Dark Sky is a new kind of weather app. It uses state-of-the-art weather forecasting to predict when it will rain or snow – down to the minuteat your exact location!!!

Say what? I know – I didn’t believe it either. I downloaded this app from the Apple App Store for $3.99 after a friend mentioned it to me (thank you Kelcey Lehrich, co-founder of eCollectOhio.com). Later that day I got an audible alert from Dark Sky saying that it was going to start snowing in 1 minute and would continue for 25 minutes. I went outside immediately and it was clear. 1 minute later the first snow flakes started coming down.

How is it possible to predict the weather down to the minute? What’s the catch?

Well, the catch is that it only works over a short period of time: a half hour to an hour in the future. But that’s nothing to sneer at. Our lives are filled with short-term outdoor activities: traveling to and from work, walking the dog, lunch with friends, outdoor sports, etc.

A quick explanation of what Dark Sky is not. It’s not a general-purpose weather app. It doesn’t give you the temperature, humidity, dew point, or wind speed. It doesn’t provide a daily forecast, or tell you what it’ll be like this weekend. There are already hundreds of apps for that. Some apps try to give you everything – current conditions, ten day forecasts, and radar – all wrapped up in one. Dark Sky is extremely focused on a single core idea: weather radar. You use it alongside your favorite general purpose weather app.

Dark Sky is currently only available for IOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. If that’s you, give it a try.