OutlookMillions of people use Microsoft Outlook to read and write email messages. If you’re one of them, here are some easy tips & tricks to save time and do more with it.

For example, you can create a new email from your clipboard…

Copy any text to your clipboard, then in Outlook press Ctrl-V. Outlook creates a new message with the text already pasted. So instead of creating a new item in Outlook, and then copying and pasting text in, you do both in one step.

Here’s another. To quickly reply to someone after you read their message, simply do a Ctrl-R (hold down the control key and press the letter R).

When you’re ready to send the message instead of taking your hands off the keyboard, grabbing the mouse and clicking Send, just tap Alt-S.

Want to see more Outlook shortcuts? Click here for a free Microsoft Outlook Cheat-Sheet in PDF format. Note that the link will immediately download a PDF file containing the cheat-sheet. Where it is stored depends on your browser. If you don’t see it, try looking in your downloads folder.