72Google has all kinds of clever search commands that save you time. Most of them are undocumented. Here’s a really cool one that may surprise you. Go to the Google search screen at http://google.com. In the search box enter “set timer for 30 minutes” and then press enter on the keyboard. You will immediately see a count-down timer that has been activated. When done, it sounds an alarm – even if you’re working in another tab of your browser.
It’s not only a timer, but also an alarm clock and a stop watch. Of course there are lots of apps and websites to do something similar, but none are as convenient as this. After all, most people already have a browser open most of the time that they are at a computer.
Here are a few other commands you can type into the search box to see these features in action:
  • set timer for 10 minutes and 10 seconds
  • set timer for an hour and a half
  • timer 2pm
  • timer 2pm Thursday