Now you really can with Keepa!


I’m a big fan of shopping online at  I buy things there every day – for clients, for my own business, and personally – from computer equipment to Splenda and everything in between.  Why?

  • Lower prices
  • Better selection of almost everything than you can get in a store
  • Free shipping
  • Very fast order processing and delivery
  • Huge time saver by not driving to stores, shopping and waiting in lines
  • Extensive online consumer reviews and ratings

I’ve done ALL of my holiday shopping online for the past 5 years – yes, all of it.  90% of that has been through Amazon. And now there’s a browser add-in that lets you buy things from Amazon at even lower prices on a regular basis.

It’s called Keepa, and is available as a free plugin for Chrome and FireFox.  To get it click here and then select the browser you like to use.

Here’s what it does.  When you look up a product at Amazon, scroll down the page to see a chart added by Keepa.  It shows the price history of your item so you can see the kind of savings you could realize by waiting a bit.  And you don’t have to keep checking prices every day.  Keepa lets you set your own price thresholds and then it will alert you by email, Facebook or Twitter when the price goes below that threshold.

This tool has let me purchase spare parts and computer equipment for my clients, and to save them thousands of dollars!  So whether you use it to buy a new large screen monitor for your work PC, or to buy your spouse something nice for your next anniversary, you can’t go wrong.