39Short videos are a great way to communicate with customers, vendors and business associates. Why aren’t they used more often? Too complicated! Clients ask me all the time about lighting needs, types of cameras and microphones, whether they have to make scripts, what software to use, how to synchronize voice with the video… might as well forget it. Seems like you have to have your own video production department to do anything useful. But no more!
Download a copy of a free program called Screen-Cast-O-Matic and you can make your first quality video in a matter of minutes. If your laptop or desktop has a builti-in webcam you are good to go.  If not, order an inexpensive one that plugs into your computer – something like this one which you can order from Amazon for $42 and receive in 1-2 days – Logitech C310 webcam.
Here’s how it works. Start up Screen-Cast-O-Matic and it creates a dotted line box. Anything you put within that area while recording will be in the presentation. It automatically uses your webcam to record your voice. Click the record button and go! Call up anything on the internet within your browser. Display a PowerPoint presentation. Demonstrate a new procedure within your company’s software or intranet. The possibilities are endless. Want to flip over and show the speaker as he or she is talking? Just press a button on the Screen-Cast-O-Matic console. You can show the person as a picture-in-picture, or full screen.
If you’ve been waiting to add product or service videos to your website. wait no more. They are effective and separate you from your competition – plus users like them.

After you get the hang of this with the free version, consider upgrading to the full, premium version – it’s well worth it.  You get extra features and it will set you back only $15! Screen-Cast-O-Matic works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Get the free version now