An Easy Trick.

going-dutchIt’s surprising how complex something as simple as splitting a restaurant bill 3 or 4 ways can be. We’ve all been there.

You order a salad and water, and everyone else orders a steak, cocktail(s) and dessert.  Then someone suggests splitting the bill evenly.  To avoid hard feelings, be prepared and ask your server for a separate check when they take your order.

Of course there are also times when everyone agrees to split the check evenly and is OK with it. Figuring out the tip and dividing it all up evenly, after you’ve had a few drinks, can feel like your working on a nuclear physics equation.

Here’s a quick and simple way to determine what each person pays. Open up a browser on your phone or tablet and go to  From there type “tip calculator” without the quotes.  Voila!  You get a slick online calculator that lets you enter three things: amount of the bill, tip percentage for the service you received, and the number of people splitting the bill.  Then just read the answer to everyone at the table and go back to talking about fun stuff.

By the way, this also works if you’re paying the entire bill yourself and just want an easy way to calculate the tip amount.