PC DecrapifierDecrapifier is a program that scans your computer for programs that are commonly installed on new computers, otherwise known as crapware, and allows you to easily remove them.

In order to generate additional revenue, many manufacturers pre-install 3rd party programs on new computers. These programs use up hard drive space and consume memory and CPU resources. This causes your computer to not operate as fast as it should. This is where a program like PC Decrapifier comes to the rescue.

PC Decrapifier will scan your computer for common pre-installed programs and other products that are considered crapware. You then have the ability to select the programs you wish to uninstall and with the click of a button automatically uninstall them. Click the image above to get your free copy.

By the way, you’ve got to love the sense of humor of these software developers. The tagline for PC Decrapifier is “… it’s like TP for your PC”. Take that all of you multimillion dollar ad agencies