skiplaggedSkiplagged is a free website service that finds airfares lower than anyone else. We’re all getting jaded by claims like this, but this one is true – better than Expedia, Kayak, Priceline, Google Flights, and all the others.

In fact, Skiplagged exposes secrets of the airline industry that can easily save you up to 80%. Let’s get down to how this is possible. One of its special techniques is using a strategy called “hidden city” ticketing. The idea is that you buy an airline ticket that has a layover at your actual destination.

Say you want to fly from New York to San Francisco. You book a flight from New York to Portland with a layover in San Francisco and get off there, without bothering to take the last leg of the flight. Sometimes, that can save you money. Flying this way isn’t always cheapest, but it often is.

But that’s not all. Skiplagged also browses standard airfares, as well as arbitrary-roundtrips and unusual inefficiencies. Once you try it, you’ll see what I mean – this is one amazing service.

To get started either go to or search for Skiplagged on your smartphone in the AppStore or Google Play.

HOLD ON. The story behind Skiplagged is as interesting as the service is useful and powerful. United and Orbitz were livid about Skiplagged, calling the start up website “unfair competition” that promoted “strictly prohibited” travel. They filed a federal lawsuit about a year ago and demanded Zaman pay them $75,000 in lost revenue. Aktarer Zaman, now 23, was not optimistic that he could take on the legal fight. He was afraid and unsure what to do. But he didn’t back down.

Facing two corporations worth billions, Zaman asked for help and got it. Shortly after CNNMoney reported on the case, Zaman received a flood of donations on his GoFundMe campaign. Zaman, who started Skiplagged while working at a tech startup — asked for $10,000 to help pay for legal fees and lawyers. Donors gave him $81,000.

In February, Orbitz backed out of the case and settled with Zaman, but United kept pursuing it. In May, a judge in Chicago dismissed the case because Skiplagged wasn’t in his jurisdiction. United didn’t pursue further legal action. Zaman took a victory lap on Skiplagged, where the homepage touts the site’s success: “We’re so good, United Airlines actually sued us for it.”

A great story and a valuable, free service – check it out!