confideThis is a free, super-private texting app that’s available for both Apple and Android phones.

It’s really simple. Receive messages from your friends and colleagues, “wand” over the words with your finger to read them, and watch them disappear without a trace when you’re done. They’re gone for good – no forwarding and no archiving.

Also, your texts are screenshot-proof because only a few words are revealed at a time. And if a sneak even attempts a screenshot you’re notified immediately.

Once your message is read, it permanently self-destructs.

Why and when would you use this?

Any time you want to have honest, unfiltered, off-the-record conversations. For example:

  • Anytime you send an email or text saying “Confidential – don’t forward”
  • Anytime you respond to an email or text with “I’ll call you”
  • Anytime you say “Can you send me your personal email; I’d prefer this conversation not be on work servers”

Other examples – sharing your password for a site, job referrals, HR issues, and deal discussions.

For more information on Confide, or to download and use your own copy, click here.