61News release from three hours ago – a popular online forum called Ubuntu, was hacked. 1.8 million passwords, emails and user names were stolen.
In the last issue of Right Clique Weekly I discussed why every business owner should be concerned about security flaws in their own networks. Unlike most topics, I didn’t receive a single question, or even any feedback on this one. I think I’ve figured out the reason.
IT security is similar to insurance. Everyone knows that they need it and that it can save them from ruin if something really bad happens, but no one gets overly excited about it or is moved to action… until something bad happens to them or someone they know!
Businesses of all sizes are hacked every day, but since you don’t hear about most of them, or pay much attention, you haven’t been moved to action. My firm, Root-InfoTech, helps five times as businesses every year with recovering from a breach or major infection, than we do preventing them from happening in the first place.  Why?  Because few business owners decide to pay for prevention, but they all pay gladly for remediation.
I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is to change this behavior. Download my free whitepaper called “The Emperor’s Clothes“. It includes 12 things you can do to tighten your IT security. Also see the coupon below for a highly discounted security assessment with a money-back guarantee.