21This is one of those productivity tools that you don’t even know you need, but you do.  With it you can capture anything you see on your computer, whether it’s in your browser, a program, or just Windows (sorry, not available for Mac).  You can then save it as a graphics file on your computer, or copy it to the clipboard.

Let’s say you get an error message on the screen. Press two keys, capture the screen and email it to your IT guy. If you’re making a PowerPoint presentation, you can capture your company logo off of your web page and put it into your presentation. If you want to print your entire screen, press two keys and then print. If you’re viewing photos on your computer, and the website people have disabled your ability to do a “save-as” so you can only view them, FastStone Capture can still grab the photos and let you save them wherever you want.

Anything you capture can also be edited – add circles, highlighting, or arrows. Type comments and titles right on the image you captured. Flip, rotate or crop it. Add borders. If you ever prepare manuals, proposals, policies or general documentation, you can use FastStone Capture to quickly and easily add customized diagrams.

FastStone Capture is like a Swiss Army Knife of computer tools. It also has a video recorder that lets you click through a variety of steps on-screen, and then save it all as a video file – which new employees can use for training – or that you can add to your website.

Even though many of my recommendations are free, this one is not. It costs $19.95 (or 5 licenses for $49.95) which gets you a lifetime license – meaning unlimited updates. It’s definitely worth the investment.

Read more about FastStone Capture and buy it at http://www.faststone.org/FSCaptureDetail.htm.