scanbizcardsMost people are aware that the technology for scanning business cards with your phone has been available. If you’ve tried some of those apps then you also know that they usually aren’t very accurate and you can spend more time making corrections than you would typing the information right into your contact list.

The app called ScanBizCards is the exception. It’s quick and easy to use, and is highly accurate. It’s also free and available for any iPhone or Android phone.

I just scanned 9 business cards into my Outlook contacts in under 2 minutes.

Here’s how you use it. Go to the app store on your phone and search for ScanBizCards. Then install it. Point your phone at a business card and when it’s centered on the screen, touch the screen anywhere to fine tune its focus. Then snap the picture. Within a few seconds the useful information has been extracted and entered in the bottom part of the screen. If you need to modify anything on it, you can – or just wait until it’s in your contact list. Then press the save button, followed by “add to contacts.”

I’ve been at lunch meetings where I received business cards from the people at my table. It only takes a minute or two to snap a quick photo of each card and all of them are entered into my Outlook before I leave the meeting! With this kind of time saving productivity you can spend more time where it counts, developing business relationships instead of typing.

For more information about ScanBizCards, check out their website here.