30How long does it take you to enter someone’s name, company and contact information into Outlook, Excel, GoldMine, Act, SugarCRM or whatever else you use to track customers, prospects and leads? If you’re fast, probably a couple of minutes. Multiply that by the number of contacts your organization manages – including the hundreds or thousands that your marketing people work with. For most businesses that adds up to hundreds of hours per year, and lots of money paying people to do data entry instead of their real job.
Meet Contact Capture – a free program that scrapes the information right off of your screen or email message, and then enters it for you. One of my favorite uses is to open up a PDF or web page that has dozens of names and addresses on it – not in a clean order, but in multiple columns with uneven rows and even ads in the side margin. Press Ctrl-A to highlight the entire page. Then press Ctrl-C-C and watch the magic. Constant Contact springs to life, identifies every contact on the page, separates first name, last name, city, zip, etc and places all of it into what looks like a spreadsheet. Next press the export button, choose the program (Excel, SugarCRM, etc) and within 30 seconds everything is added.
After using this program for the last year I would gladly pay a few hundred dollars for it – but it’s completely free with no catches or gimmicks. Download it at: