161Today’s web browsers have a nice feature that remembers passwords when you visit secure sites from your computer. That’s especially handy for people that don’t have a good password manager like KeePass.
If you go to another computer or use a different browser from the same computer, you will have to re-enter the password for each site. That’s a problem if you don’t remember it. You can go back to the original computer and browser that remembered the password – BUT it only shows you asterisks (***) and not the password. So how do you find out the password to use it elsewhere? The answer is a special purpose utility program called WebBrowserPassView.
Like many of my recommendations, it’s free. Download it here.
WebBrowserPassView is a tool that retrieves secret passwords stored in your system, and thus your anti-virus program may falsely detect this download as being infected with a Trojan/Virus. It’s not – and if necessary you can indicate that it should be allowed to continue.