FlixFindr_WPWhile we’re talking about information-finding time savers like Briefi.ng, let’s also cover movies.

Suppose tonight you want to relax and watch a flick at home. You’re in the mood for a recent action thriller adventure – a hidden gem that was well-reviewed, popular with the public, and recommended by friends. You’re subscribed to several streaming services: Netflix, Amazon, xfinity, HBO Go, and Hulu. You start your search in HBO Go, but don’t find it. You jump to Hulu and still no luck. You head to Amazon, but it’s only offered as a paid option. You find it on xfinity, but only on a channel you aren’t subscribed to. Finally, you go to Netflix, and there it is. But… It’s only available with their DVD service, not streaming. What happened to your relaxing evening?

With flixfindr, you avoid this routine. You find out immediately where you can view a streaming movie that you have access to. You also find out if it’s not yet available so you can move on and watch something else.

How? Just go to http://flixfindr.com/ and start searching. Free. No signup needed.