Credit Karms

Most of you know someone who has had their identities stolen or abused.  For me it’s my brother, and also my VP of Operations at Root-InfoTech. It’s an absolute nightmare and can go on for years.  So about 5 years ago I reviewed several credit monitoring services and went with LifeLock Ultimate.  It cost $495 per year which covered my wife and me.  That’s almost $2,500 over the last 5 years.

During that time I’ve seen TV commercials for Credit Karma – a service that claims to do about the same thing, but for free.  I was naturally skeptical and completely ignored it until I met someone who was using it.  After that I investigated further and found out that it’s a really good service!  That’s why I’m presenting it to you in this issue of Right Clique Weekly.

Once you sign up you get free credit monitoring that can alert you when someone is doing things with one of your accounts.  You also get your Trans Union credit score and a full credit report – not just once like some services, but as often as you like.  There are dozens of other credit related services that are worth checking out — and again, all of it is for free!

Most of you are thinking “where’s the catch”?  I was too.  When you access the free credit score, Credit Karma will show personalized offers to you based on your credit profile . These offers are from advertisers who share their vision of consumer empowerment. If you wish to take advantage of Karma Offers, it is up to you. Credit Karma will never share your information without your consent.  Personally I’ve found those offers to be interesting and useful, and never imposing.

Credit Karma messages are one way broadcasts from partner companies. Their advertising partners provide personalized offers and Credit Karma matches them with appropriate people, never disclosing the user information unless the consumer responds to the offer. This protects your privacy and allows you to control who receives your data.

When my $495 annual subscription to LifeLock ends in April, I’ll be cancelling it, and only using Credit Karma.  Check it out yourself by clicking here.