Let’s start out with a plain English description of Podcasts, and then we’ll cover how they can be a rich source of business related information to keep you at the top of your game.

The word “podcasting” is a combination of the words “broadcasting” and “iPod.” An iPod of course is a portable music player produced by Apple Computers. Apple was lucky/smart enough that their brand was wrapped into a term for a new technology much like the Sony Walkman becoming the popular name for a portable radio/cassette player. You don’t need an iPod, however.

Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting on the Internet. You subscribe to podcasts much like you subscribe to blogs. There are hundreds of thousands of these available, and almost all are free. Imagine getting new “radio”-style talk and music shows to listen to on your iPhone, Android phone, tablet, desktop, or other MP3 player every day. You wake up and automatically have new shows ready to listen to while you exercise or commute to work. This is the podcast listening experience.

Years ago I used to subscribe to a Books on Tape service. I could purchase audio cassette recordings of popular business books. A week after ordering I would receive the cassette tapes and then could pop them into my car’s cassette player (or my Walkman) and listen. Problem was I almost never finished them because I wasn’t in my car for hours at a time and it was a pain to stop and start, and to remember what had already been covered – not to mention storing and organizing dozens and dozens of plastic tape cassettes.

Podcasts provide similar information and in many cases, better information – but without the downsides.  They are free.  You can get them instantly.  Many are short (10 – 15 minutes). And you can either grab them one at a time or can subscribe so that when new ones in a series are released, they come to you!

With podcasts, you’re in control. A podcast is kind of like a magazine subscription, but they’re also like Tivo because you’re in control of when you listen. You can rewind a podcast. You can play it over and over. You can pause it. You can store it wherever you want. You can delete it when you want. You can listen to podcasts on your computer, burn them to CD or transfer them to your MP3 player. You’re in control of when and how you listen.

To whet your whistle, start with Scale Your Business Radio, a Podcast Series for Business Owners to Help You Grow Your Business & Get Your Life Back.There are currently 56 episodes available on useful and interesting business topics, and each one is only 10-15 minutes long – commercial free. From your smartphone browse to:


and pick one of the many topics. From there you can subscribe to all of them, or just select the ones you want to listen to. To give you an idea, here are a few of the more recent topics:

The 6 Major Time Addictions

  • How to Enjoy your Business More
  • Scaling Success Interview with Dana Smith
  • Why Business Owners Feel Like They Don’t Have Time (and how to get back in control of your business day)
  • The 4 Barriers to Scaling Your Company
  • Getting Your Team to Use Your Company’s Systems
  • Tips to Improve Your Strategic Planning

That’s the tip of the iceberg. Once you see the value in the above podcast series, know that there are thousands more, not only with business topics, but almost every other topic you can imagine. Of course they vary in quality and some have advertising, so you have to sift through them to find the best ones. Try Googling something like “best podcasts for business” or “best fiction podcasts.” Enjoy!