115The in-house backup solution discussed above provides excellent protection, but it still misses something. You need one more safety net or ace-in-the-hole to completely protect your business – online data backups.

Why do you need a third layer of backup protection? One reason is that if there is a fire in your building and both the hard drive storage unit and computers are destroyed, you can fall back on the second hard drive that you rotated off-site. That’s good. However, you last rotated that unit two weeks ago, so all of your data is two weeks old — no current customer invoices or financial record or project documents for the last two weeks!

Online backups are an easy and inexpensive way to make daily data backups that are safely and securely stored off-site.

There are lots of vendors that supply online backup services. The best is MozyPro. They are owned by EMC Corp – a $49 Billion company with 60,000 employees. Unlike many of its competitors, MozyPro can handle backing up servers and open file data such as Exchange and SQL Server. Of course it also easily handles stand alone computers. Cost is about $.55 per GB of storage per month. So if you backup 10GB of data from your workstations and servers it ends up costing you $5.50 per month, or $66 a year!

I set up a volume account with MozyPro a few years ago and was able to get even lower prices for my clients. They typically pay $.45 per GB, which is an 18% savings. Even if you’re not a Root-InfoTech client, I can get you the same price, which is my actual cost without any markup.

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