FastStone-Image-Viewer_logoMost people need an image editing and viewer tool at one time or another. Maybe you just want to quickly locate a particular image on your computer or network, and then print it. Or you may want to crop it first and make it smaller so that you can email it to a colleague. If you update a website or if you create PowerPoint presentations, then your needs are even greater.

Trouble is that most all-in-one programs are complicated to use and take a while to learn. And they are expensive. You could use several simple, feature specific programs – but then you need to remember which one to use when.

The solution is a wonderful program called FastStone Image Viewer. It’s one of those best kept secrets because the developer doesn’t try to compete with the advertising budgets of products like PhotoShop and Corel. Oh yes, and it’s free for personal use with no catches – no annoying ads, no adware, no prompts to buy a Pro version, and no feature limits until you upgrade or pay more.

Here are just a few of the things that it lets you do with images – rename, rotate, email, remove red-eye, crop, straighten, edit, print, scan, colorize, animate, watermarks, and batch process.

I’ve used this for 6 years and it’s one of my core go-to programs. Check it out!

Download the program here.

Download the user manual here.

View online tips here.