KeyMe_AppKeyMe – Danger, Will Robinson!

Most of you won’t remember the 1960’s television series Lost in Space. The Robot, acting as a surrogate guardian, says this famous catch-phrase to young Will Robinson when the boy is unaware of an impending threat.

There’s a new App in town called KeyMe. It’s billed as a secure way to copy, share and personalize your keys and to solve frustrating lockouts.

It really is slick. You snap a picture of your key (home, office, mailbox, padlock, Mul-T-Lock, select Medeco keys, and 70% of all car keys). Then order how many replacements you want, pay for them online, and wait for mail delivery of your replacement keys. Don’t want to wait that long for snail mail? KeyMe also has Kiosks across the country where you can get those duplicate keys made in under 30 seconds.

The flip-side of this cool technology is that you better be careful about leaving your keys laying around now that anyone with a smart phone can copy them. Leave them on the table with your eye glasses at the coffee shop when you go get a refill, and someone might scan them and make perfect copies before you get back. You now have to treat your keys just like your credit cards – always worrying about who has them, and for how long.

To read more about KeyMe and to download it onto your iPhone or Android phone, either click here or on the phone image above.