briefing-logoThese days anyone who wants to keep up with the biggest news stories every day doesn’t have far to look.  CNN is on TV 24×7. Local news papers are still hanging in there. News feeds, magazines, podcasts… The last thing we need is another way of reading the news – or is it?

“Briefing” turns a handful of top stories into very short, easy to read digests that you can receive by email or read on the Web. You can read an entire issue in under a minute, and thanks to its extra large print and simple formatting, you can read it on your smart phone or any other sized screen.

Briefing also links to sources that substantiate its coverage like CNN, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times – so you can dive deeper into stories if you have the time.

Everything about Briefing is simple and the service is 100% free. If you want to view it on the web, simply go to and start reading. If you want to sign up to get Briefing delivered to your email inbox every day, then go to the same site, enter your email address on the home page and press the submit button. It’s the shortest web form I’ve ever seen – they don’t even want to know your name!