how-oldA few weeks ago a Microsoft developed website was launched to guess your age.  Yep, just like the barker at a carnival, but this one uses technology and a photo.

Just go to and upload a photo of your face.  It then displays your age based on facial recognition technology and logic rules.

The two Microsoft engineers who developed the site were building a demo for a Microsoft developer’s conference and expected about 50 responses.  They very quickly got over 35,000 people to respond.  Then the conspiracy theorists latched onto this.  Could Microsoft be saving our photos and along with facial recognition building some kind of sinister database?

Turns out the answer is no.  The two engineers added a new page on their website to stress that they do not save the photos, and to explain why they did what they did. It was, and is, totally innocent.  Give it a try and see if technology can do a better job than the carnival barker.