pill-packMy friend takes 22 pills a day and at different times of the day. It would take a NASA scientist an hour every day just to keep that organized. Even if you only take 3 or 4 pills a day, and use pill boxes to keep things straight it’s a lot of work and the odds are high that something will get mixed up. If this doesn’t apply to you, what about your parents?

Enter PillPack – a modern pharmacy with old fashioned values. They do all the hard stuff for you and simply send you shipments in plenty of time. Each box contains separate envelopes that are clearly marked with the time and date they are to be taken. See example to the right.

You don’t pay any more for this service – they accept most major insurance plans, including most forms of Medicare Part D. Their pharmacists manage all your refills. From phone calls to faxes and follow up, they handle everything for you. They even send reminders by text messaging or email before each shipment, asking if you need to update any medications or your shipping address.

Find out more, watch their video and even sign up at https://www.pillpack.com/.