98Many businesses have plunged into social media and are finding it to be a powerful marketing and sales tool. Others are dipping their toes in the social media pool and are still trying to figure out how it will help them. Very few businesses anywhere

really know how much it is helping them.

Click on the photo to the right and watch a one-minute video that Adobe put together. It’s very well done and will give you a good laugh. I’m hoping it will also give you pause for thought – are you vulnerable to the same voodoo measurement of your own social media efforts?
There are plenty of good tools to quantitatively measure what you’re doing. One of the best is a free service by Google called Google Analytics (GA). Once you set up your account it accumulates huge amounts of data every time someone clicks on one of your links, or goes to your website. GA provides a console from which you summarize, graph, investigate and quantify how all of this is benefiting your company. Click here to go to the GA site where you can read more about it, and even sign up.