Wise Plugin ManagerPlugins are programs that you can add to your internet browsers (or that sometimes get automatically added for you) – to give your browsers extra functionality such as:

  • Viewing PDF files directly in your browser
  • View movies in your browser
  • Integration with Evernote
  • Integration with Microsoft Office

There are thousands of free plugins available.  Many are quite useful.

The downside is that they can slow down your internet browsing.  Worse than that, some of them are destructive and cause security problems.  Some of them are installed by malware and cause major problems.

Managing them is a pain, especially if you have multiple browsers on your computer such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, and Opera.

A new, free program is available to make this process much easier.  It’s called Wise Plugin Manager.  From a single screen you can review and delete plugins from any combination of browsers, and even change your default browser.

Click here for more information or to download Wise Plugin Manager.