52I’ve seen too many businesses that provide internet wi-fi for their guests, and haven’t set it up right. So when a guest (or a stranger standing outside of their building) joins the wi-fi network, they have access to the company’s information! Some companies don’t even have the signal encrypted, so literally anyone can get in.
The ideal situation is to have an easy to access wi-fi signal for guests that is completely isolated from your company’s network. For a professional touch, you can also have the first screen that comes up when someone joins your guest network, display your company logo, a link to your website, and a nice description of what you do.

A super easy way to accomplish all of this is to buy a GuestGate HotSpot Gateway. You can read more about it and even purchase one from NewEgg.com for about $175. I’ve got one in my building, and have gotten them for several clients over the years.

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