171What do you do with a business card that someone gives you? Do you throw it into your drawer? Slide it into a sleeve of your business card book? Manually type the information into Outlook or a contact system?

If you do any of those things, I’m going to show you how to save time and almost instantly transfer that information into something you can use – without any typing at all!

Even if you have a business card scanner, there is a better way – faster and one that doesn’t require you to get back to your office to do it.

The solution I’m talking about is to use your smart phone and an app called ScanBizCards. Your phone becomes a portable scanner that you can use anywhere and anytime. The app lets you snap a photo of a business card, and then it reads the contact information off of it, and with the press of a button, sends it to your Outlook contacts, or to a spreadsheet, or to a CRM contact system, or will even store it for you without any of the above – for easy access and searching.

Do you use LinkedIn for business networking? If so you can send that new contact a LinkedIn invitation to connect with you, with only a couple of clicks.

Depending on the phone you have, it will cost you between $2 and $4 (one time – not monthly). Sure beats paying $100 or more for a desktop scanner and software! And this has more functionality and portability. ScanBizCards is available for any IOS phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad), any Android phone or tablet, and any Windows phone or tablet. If you still have a BlackBerry, you’ll have to wait – that’s the exception.

To find out more or to get your own copy of ScanBizCards, just go to http://scanbizcards.com/features from your smart phone. Then enter your email address on the right side of the screen where it says “Get it via SMS” and press the button.