109Does your small business or home have moderate to poor cell phone reception? The typical reasons are that you’re too far away from the cell towers, or that reception gets weaker as it goes through walls and doors.

What you may not know is that there’s an easy way to fix that. You can have full-power, five-bar reception for a few hundred dollars.

The solution is a small appliance you can buy from your cell phone provider called a femtocell.  Think of it as a mini cell phone tower just for your home or business. It connects to the service provider’s network via your own internet connection (such as DSL or cable). They support two to four active mobile phones at the same time in a residential setting, and eight to 16 active mobile phones in business settings.

If your cell provider is Verizon, here is a link to their unit, which they call a network extender. Cost is $249 (one-time charge, no recurring charges).

If your provider is AT&T, here is a link to their unit which they call a microcell.

For others, call your provider or check out their website. Remember that the provider you buy this from is the company that provides your cell phone coverage, not your internet service.