40When I meet with a new client I look at where they are most vulnerable to having something really bad happen with their IT. First on my list is their backups. Some businesses aren’t making any on a regular basis. Some are using old fashioned tapes and cartridges. Most have not recently tested their backups to see if anything is on them. And the rest are making file-by-file backups that don’t save all of the needed information.

EaseUS To-Do backup software is the answer. Why? First, it makes full images of your computers. You can go to any image and restore any file or files from them – just what you would expect.
However, what happens if your hard drive fails? Typically you get it replaced, and then have to reinstall Windows (if you can find the CD), then you have to reinstall all of your software and updates, and then you restore the data from your backups. That kind of restore can easily take a full day or more. If it’s on a server, it could take several days. With EaseUS you replace the drive, pop-in the EaseUS CD, point it to the backup image, and wait 30 to 60 minutes. When done, reboot the computer and everything is back and operational – everything!
With EaseUS you can schedule automatic backups and have it send you an email to confirm the backup completed. There is a free version for home use. The full featured business-class software costs $30-$40 for workstations, and $195 to $295 for servers (and yes that includes backing up MS Exchange, SQL server, and all of that tricky stuff).
I see too many tragedies with lost information every year – some that almost put an organization out of business. This is too important to put off. If you don’t want to mess with it yourself, then PLEASE contact your IT support firm and have them help.