eCardsMost people still prefer to send conventional paper-printed holiday cards. However if you’re interested in a way to send nice eCards for the holiday you can save a lot of time and money.

One choice is and it’s 100% free. Create your own online holiday audio card in 4 easy steps. Select a photo on your computer. Select an MP3 sound file on your computer. Add a personal message such as “Happy Holidays from Cary”. Then enter an email address and hit send. Completely free. No need to sign up. No ads or strings attached.

To send something highly creative that will get a lot of attention, buy a membership to JibJab. For $18 you can create unlimited animated video cards for a year. You take photos of yourself, work associates, and family and then add them to one of the many video card templates. The result is a link you can send to as many people as you want. When the link is clicked it opens up an audio and video eCard that stars you and your buds. You’ve got to see one of these to understand it.