sugarcrmAlmost every organization already has a way of managing customer information such as names and addresses – even if it’s only a a rolodex card file, or a simple contact management system such as ACT and GoldMine. The most flexible and useful systems are called “Customer Relationship Management” systems, or CRM for short. They let you easily keep track of companies, people, documents, calls, notes, and marketing leads/campaigns – all tightly tied together and easily accessible.

The problem is that most of the “Best of Breed” CRM systems are only affordable to large organizations that can spend a few hundred thousand dollars, up to a few million. Fortunately some of these CRM systems are now available online as a subscription service on the web – but they’re still out of the price range of most small to medium businesses. They range from $35 to $100 per user per month. That adds up quickly to thousands of dollars per year.

I’ve figured out a legitimate way that you can get one of these big name CRM syvt2stems for peanuts. SugarCRM and vtiger are two of the most well known power-systems that are out there. The software is available for free in a “Community Edition”. That means you have unlimited use of it, unlimited users, and no on-going costs for the software!

The catch is that the system is technically quite difficult to set up. I was bound and determined to figure it out, and after a few weeks of experimenting, got it working at Root-InfoTech. Since then we’ve been doing the same for other clients. It takes my technicians a couple of days, and costs between $1,500 and $2,000 in fees for us to do it for you, and then you own it. Unlimited use on your own hosted server that you control with unlimited users and unlimited disk space. Only on-going charge is under $50 per year for your hosting account (not per month – per year).

So aside from an initial investment of under $2,000, you can have a $100,000+ CRM system for under $50 per year!

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