bubbleIn past articles I’ve presented several tips and tricks that are built into Google Search.  Here are two more for you.

More important than the cool things you can do in Google, is the reason they are there.

First – the tricks.  From any smartphone or tablet, go to Google.com and search for the words “Bubble Level.”  Instead of getting a definition of the term, you will see a real, functional bubble level that you can use to hang pictures.  An invaluable handyman tool, a bubble level is designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb).

pacmanNext time you’re bored and want to kill some time in a brainless way – Go into Google again and search for Pacman.  You will be presented with a functional version of the old-time favorite arcade game – no programs or apps to install – just start playing.

Now let’s take a peak behind the looking glass and see WHY Google is delivering functioning apps embedded in search results.  Google made its reputation by providing good search results in an easy to navigate manner, but the search giant made its money with online advertising. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Google doesn’t actually want users to click through to native search results, when viewing and clicking through to paid ads is actually where the company makes its money. And with that in mind, Google has long sought for ways to keep users on their pages, or to satisfy query intents without actually losing the viewer.  Now you know!