Key Ring03-23-2014 Cary M. Root – I was standing in line at Panera Bread last week, pulled out my loyalty card and realized that I had grabbed the one from PetSmart and left the Panera one in my car. When I went back to the car and looked for the right card, it dawned on me how ridiculous this process can be. I’ve accumulated over 20 loyalty cards. Each has some nice benefits, but there’s no practical way to have the right one with you at the right time.

Turns out that now there is! It’s a free app that works on almost any smart phone (Apple or Android) called Key Ring. Fire it up and scan in each of your existing loyalty cards (Costco, AAA, Giant Eagle, Heinens, Panera, GetGo, and hundreds of others). It takes under a minute for each one.

Then the next time you’re standing in line at Panera, just open the app, press on Panera and have the salesperson scan your screen.  If they can’t for some reason, the code that they type in is clearly displayed.

My wife Barb saw me setting up my loyalty cards earlier this week and asked what I was doing.  I said “wait until this week’s Right Clique and you’ll see.”
She said “…or you could show me now.” So once I explained it, she installed the app, and within 15 minutes had it fully set up and working. For more information including where to download the app for your smart phone, click here.