32If you’ve ever wanted to collaborate with someone at another location on a Word or PowerPoint document I’m going to explain how you can do it quickly, easily and for free. Or, maybe you want to show a co-worker at another office how to enter a certain transaction in QuickBooks. The possibilities are endless. Any time you want someone to view your screen, or you want to view their screen remember join.me.

Simply open up your browser and go to join.me. Have the other person do the same. The one whose screen will be shared clicks on the orange arrow, follows the simple instructions and then looks for a code at the top of the screen. The one who will be viewing the other person’s screen, enters that code and then clicks on the green arrow. Voila – both parties are watching the same screen.

You can even hold a free video conference by having up to 10 people viewing the same screen at the same time – each of the participants who wants to view the shared screen, enters the same code and presses the green arrow.

Join.me works with almost any type of browser, and usually takes no more than 1-2 minutes to set up and start your own session.

Go to join.me now at http://join.me