20One of the free productivity tools that I use several times a week is Rondee.

Rondee is a very nice online service that lets you easily make telephone conference calls. You can give out the phone number and access code to several people and immediately start talking.  You can also schedule calls for a future date and time, and have Rondee send out email invitations as well as reminders.

As Ron Popeil used to say in his old Ronco commercials, “but wait, there’s more”. You can record the calls and make the recordings available to people who couldn’t “attend”. You can schedule regular meetings, such as every Monday morning at 8am, and let Rondee do the rest. You even get a report sent to you by email right after the call ends, containing who participated and for how long.

This is a really easy, full featured conference calling service, and the price is right – FREE. The number that everyone dials is a toll number, but given that many of us have calling plans that don’t charge any more for long distance calls than for local ones, this may not be much of an issue – never has been for me.

Just go to http://rondee.com and sign up for a free account.