35If you are paying for anti-virus software for your computers at home, it’s time to stop doing that.  Even if your existing software came with the computers when you bought them, they all have to be renewed – and that can cost you anywhere from $20 to $50 per computer per year.
Instead, download avast! anti-virus software.  It’s completely free with no catches – no advertising, no gimmicks, and no lengthy sign up process. And by the way – it’s a very good anti-virus program. I’ve been using it at home for five years, and have hundreds of clients doing the same.

How can they do that for free? Simple – they want you to know that if you need anti-virus software for business use where you have file servers and hosted email like Exchange, then avast! offers an entire line of reasonably prices software that expands upon the free version.

Get avast! anti-virus software