Over the last two weeks I’ve had over a dozen clients call me to say that they logged into their computers and it was running Windows 10… and they never asked for it.

Turns out that Microsoft is getting much more aggressive about persuading you to upgrade – to the point where they don’t even ask any more!  I’m not writing this to bash Microsoft. All of the big players, including Apple, do similar things.

A bit of background. Last August Microsoft began its upgrade campaign which “allowed” people to request a free upgrade to Windows 10.  Then a few months later, reminder alerts started popping up asking you to schedule your upgrade.  Then the alerts and popups happened more often – almost nagging you. Now your upgrade just comes to you, whether you request it or not.

Is this a bad thing? Windows 10 is a good, stable operating system. It’s somewhat different from Windows 7, but mostly in good ways. It’s much better than Windows 8. It’s also free. After August 29, 2016 it will no longer be free and you’ll have to shell-out $119 for it. In MOST situations I recommend that my clients do it.

Why do it in MOST situations and not all situations? There are some software packages that are not yet compatible with Windows 10. One of the best examples I’ve found is Sage 100 accounting software. If your business relies on Sage 100 then you better not put Windows 10 on those computers that have to access it.

Anything you can do to control getting Windows 10? It turns out there is, but you have to take action before your version of Windows gets upgraded. There is an easy to use program called Never 10 that you can download and run on your computer that will keep Windows 10 from getting installed. Click here to get it. If and when you decide you want the upgrade, as long as it’s before August 29th, use the same program to re-enable the upgrade.