smart-watchIn the November 1, 2015 issue of Right Clique Weekly I reviewed a Smart Watch that was available on Amazon for $11. It had a long list of really cool features. If you don’t recall the article, you can view it here. The photo to the right is NOT the one I mentioned in the article – it’s a nicer one that I discuss below.

The one I ordered took 4 weeks to arrive, because demand was crazy. My expectations were quite low. After all, who in their right mind would expect to get a state of the art smart watch, similar in specifications to a $500 to $600 Apple Watch, for $11? Definitely not me.

When it arrived, the package was pretty sparse. The watch was in a plastic bag, along with a small charging cable and a 2″ piece of folded paper that had instructions in several languages. I charged it and then downloaded the recommended app for my iPhone 6. 5 minutes later it was up and running. I had it vibrating when a phone call came in and displaying the caller ID. I was actually able to hear and speak to callers from my watch. When I got more than 50 ft. away from my phone, it alerted me. No more leaving my phone on a table somewhere. It even showed the time and date – go figure. Needless to say, my expectations were blown away!

On the downside, the watch is made of cheap looking plastic, and was only available in white – not the macho color you would see most men wearing. It’s pretty large on my wrist. Battery life isn’t great. Some of the fancier features don’t work yet on the iPhone.

So would I recommend it? For most people I know, the answer is no. As a very inexpensive gift for a child that has a smart phone or just a hobbyist, I could see it. It really is cool.

What excites me is that this $11 smart watch has spawned hundreds of other smart watches that look nicer, are more reliable, have even more features, and cost around $50 to $100. Now we’re talking. As an example, the photo above is for a LEMFO Bluetooth Leather Smart Watch. It’s available on Amazon for $75.99. 276 reviewers have rated it 4 out of 5 stars. For more info click here.