179Most of us have wanted to crop or enhance a digital photo – maybe to remove some red eye, or to eliminate the photo-bomber who ruined an otherwise great picture. For business purposes, you may have wanted to combine 2 or 3 photos into a collage, and use it on your website, in an email, or in a document.

There is lots of software to do all of that. A really nice one is Google’s Picassa. One that I use frequently is IrfanView. Both are free and do a good job. The problem is that each of them has a learning curve – not something you look forward to when you only do this sort of things once a month. Both also require you to download and install software on your computer. So if you started editing a photo on your work computer and need to finish it at home, you’ve got to download and install it all there before you can do anything.

The solution is FotoFlexer – an online photo editing tool that you can immediately use from any computer with an internet connection. It does all the basics and more. By more I mean many of the powerful capabilities of PhotoShop – minus the several hundred dollars and steep learning curve. If you can’t immediately figure out how to do something, then watch one of the many short videos from the home page.

To sign up for an account, just enter your email address and a password you can remember – and that’s it – you’re ready to go. Edit your photo and save it right back to your computer. Yes, Virginia – there is such a thing as a free lunch. Great value, powerful features, easy to use, and no software to load or maintain on your computer.  Click here to go there now. Then watch a few videos and start using it.