PDF (Portable Document Format) files are widely used because they are an easy way to send documents through email as attachments that don’t require the recipient to have special software installed to read them.

Because of that popularity, there are lots of programs that add functionality to PDF files. Here’s a gem that you’ll want to add to your Right Clique tool box. It’s called “smallpdf”. With it you can:

  • Compress your PDF’s to dramatically reduce their size and thereby send them more reliably through email
  • Convert image files like JPG and GIF into PDF’s
  • Convert images within PDF files back to separate image files
  • Combine multiple PDF’s into a single, merged one
  • Select specific pages within a PDF and split them into a PDF of their own
  • Convert Word documents into a PDF
  • Convert Excel files into a PDF
  • Convert PowerPoint files into a PDF

This online service doesn’t need to be installed on your computer, doesn’t require a user ID or password, doesn’t ask you for any information, is extremely easy to use, and is free! It doesn’t even have any advertising to clutter its screens.

Ready to try it? Just click here or navigate to in your browser.