I get several calls a month from clients who want to make a quick change to a PDF file they have and then send it to someone.  They don’t have the original document (Word, Excel, etc) that it was created in.  They just want to erase a few words, or delete some of the pages, or even add an image.

I tell them about PDFescape.  It’s free.  There’s no software to install.  And there are no missing features until you pay for an upgrade.  Here’s what you can do:

  • Add text, shapes, whiteout & more to PDF files
  • Crop, deskew, move, delete, & insert PDF pages
  • Create links to other PDF pages or web content
  • Change PDF information tags
  • Encrypt PDF contents using a password
  • Add images to PDF files
  • Sign PDF documents using your scanned signature

If you have the original document from which the PDF file was created, you are always better off making changes in that, and then regenerating the PDF file.

If however, you don’t have that original document, PDFescape is a valuable business tool.  And since there is no software to be installed on your computer, you can use it from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Click here to find out more and to use it!