25Who among us hasn’t had to make a PowerPoint presentation? My friends still kid me that as someone who lives and breathes technology, that I probably did one when I proposed to my wife (I didn’t). Nonetheless business presentations can be more effective if they are done properly with the right technology and visual aids. Once you organize your content, there’s a lot of time required to put it into a well-designed, professional PowerPoint presentation. That’s where fppt.com comes in.

It’s an online resource that has a free collection of PowerPoint design templates and pictures that are ready to use. Their collection includes more than one thousand templates, themes, backgrounds, 3D PowerPoint templates, and animations that you can download for free. Last year I spent over $500 for a subscription to a similar site… I do a lot of presentations. Since using fppt.com I’ve dropped the other service, and continue to enjoy fresh, professionally designed templates for every presentation I do.

 No credit card needed. In fact you don’t even need to register. Just go to the site and start using it!