173Some of you may remember the 1990 film “Dick Tracy” starring Warren Beatty, a plain clothes detective who had a two-way wrist TV. It was based on the 1930’s comic strip of the same name. The sketch to the right came from a January 1946 comic strip, from 68 years ago!

Flash forward to 2014 and the Pebble Smartwatch. It’s now a reality and for $150 you can:

  • See who is calling or get the most important emails and texts without having to pull your phone out in the middle of a meeting
  • Control your music while driving, running, or across the room. No need to mess with your phone
  • Download one of many fun watch faces or make your own
  • Fitness – check your pace without killing your pace. Get the info you need without taking the phone out
  • Oh yes, and it even tells you the time

All of that is nice, but most of us have become used to cool technologies – so it’s not a wow.

That is until the opening of the Pebble appstore tomorrow (February 3, 2014)!