178I was at a close friend’s birthday party last night and just before her husband made a beautiful toast, she picked up her iPhone, slid her finger across the screen, and lowered the volume of the music playing throughout the house. It was pretty cool!

So… thanks to John and Martha Ready for being the inspiration for this tech tip. For $25 to $45 you can buy a bluetooth audio receiver. Connect it to the back of your stereo system or powered speakers, and “pair” it with your smartphone or tablet – meaning connect the bluetooth signal. There are simple instructions that come with it. You can do this with almost any smartphone – iPhone or Android.

Then open up the music app of your choice on the smartphone (your music library, Pandora, or Spotify) and go to it.

One of the best units is the HomeSpot BTADP-233.  It costs $27.99 from Amazon – click here to read about it. Two other nice units are offered by Logitech and Belkin.