86Remote Control software lets you access your work computer and network from home, or your home computer from work.
With it, you will never feel like kicking yourself because the document you worked on last night is saved on your home PC. Or you may be at a client’s office and need something on your office network. With this software, just open up your smartphone or tablet, and remote control into your work PC.
Those of you who are already doing this with something like GoToMyPC, stay tuned for something just as good or better, that is totally free.
A few other really nice benefits of remote control software that may not be so obvious: First, some of you have special software such as an accounting system, or a contact system, or a CAD system that you rely on heavily throughout the day. Problem is that the software doesn’t run on an iPad, or worse, it’s keyed to only work on one computer in your office. Well, now you can run that software from ANYWHERE.
All of my firm’s clients have remote control software installed – not only so that they can use it themselves as I’ve described above – but also so that we can support their IT problems 24 x 7. When we get an alert that email is down, we remote into the client’s server (sometimes at 3am or on a weekend) and resolve it immediately, and without anyone having to drive to the business and arrange getting a key.
Now for the recommendation of which remote control software to use. I’ve used more than a dozen different ones over the years. My favorite is LogMeIn. It’s easy to use, fast, secure, and oh yes… free. Even if your business only has 9 computers and a server, it would cost you $1,000 a year for GoToMyPC. If instead you use LogMeIn, you pay nothing. No catches, no strings, no advertising banners.