48This is a daily-double of tech tips. For some it will significantly improve their business email. For others, it’s a way to save big-bucks on the global standard for business software, Microsoft Office.
Many business people spend a lot of money and time to cultivate a professional, credible image for their customers. They have a nice website, a nice logo and branding, and are starting to reap some benefits from social media. And then you see their email address – something like Joe2361@aol.com or bigluvver@gmail.com. You may laugh, but don’t you know people like this? Nothing cries amateur and fly-by-night like using a personal email account for business.
Office 365 is a fairly new service provided by Microsoft that makes it easy and very affordable for any small business to have the gold standard of business class email, Exchange. Bigger businesses can afford the $10,000 or more to have their own Exchange Server software and a dedicated mail server. Now anyone can have the same benefits for only $4 per user per month – under $50 per year!
The second benefit that I referred to above, is that for an extra $1 per user per month, you get genuine MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote! They even throw in web conferencing to conduct online meetings. Even if you don’t need the email part of this, for $60 per year you get MS Office, accessible online from anywhere with an internet connection. The same software costs $250 to $400 if you buy it on your own, and every time there is a new version, you have to spend the same amount again. Not so with Office 365.
Wait… what if you don’t want an online version and want it loaded on your computer? First take a breath and think if that’s what you really want. If it is, then Office 365 has a plan for $12.50 per user per month that gives you Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access that you can load onto your computer and still access online.
I have dozens of clients using this service, and they all love it.