94Before we get started let me say that everyone needs anti-virus software. Period. I still hear excuses from people that don’t believe it for one reason or another.  I’d be happy to discuss those reasons further in the Right Clique Online Forum, but for the sake of brevity here — if you have a computer that doesn’t have anti-virus software on it, you need to install it.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program… It’s normal to be skeptical when you are offered something for free.  What about anti-virus (AV) software?  Surprisingly there are some very good ones available for free, and I highly recommend using them.

Sure, there are a few exceptions.  If you have one or more file servers, then you need to pay.  None of the free AV software are full featured enough to protect servers.  To protect your computers at the office, you’ll need to check the license restrictions. Some say it’s ok and some don’t.  The software will work just fine, but some of the vendors want you to pay for it if you are using it for business.  For home use or protecting your own computer, no problem.

So here are the top 7 free anti-virus programs.  Click on any of the names below to be taken to the website.  My top preference is Avast, which is listed first. Then it’s followed by my second favorite, etc.



Microsoft Security Essentials


Zone Alarm Anti-Virus

Panda Cloud